Session 2D | The Digital Object Lifecycle (DOLCe) Project: Multiple storage options for Dataverse




Dabrowski, Anna
Trelogan, Jessica

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Texas Digital Library


We will discuss a project supporting larger data publication for UT Austin researchers within the Texas Data Repository (TDR). Since TDR is limited in its capacity to support the publication of larger data, we are piloting a solution that connects the TDR Dataverse software to TACC storage systems. The technical work completed during our project makes it possible for Dataverse software to manage files in multiple data stores and facilitates larger data upload. For our pilot, UT Libraries are offering limited large data publication services in order to understand the costs and implications of rolling out and sustaining this service for a wider research community.


TCDL 2021 Session 2D, Presentation 1, Tuesday, 5/25/2021, 2:00 pm to 2:50 pm | Speakers: Anna Dabrowski, Engineering Scientist Associate, Texas Advanced Computing Center; Jessica Trelogan, Research Data Services Coordinator, University of Texas at Austin | Moderated by Shelley Barba, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Texas Tech University | View the recording at