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This thesis reviews the enrollment policies and procedures for advanced and college prep classes in a central Texas school district to determine if there is fair and equitable access for all students. The paper contains two major components. The first is quantitative study of the four entrance requirements for 8th grade Algebra I Pre-AP at a central Texas middle school. The purpose of this study is to determine the necessity of these requirements by showing which if any of these prerequisites predicts the how the students will perform in Algebra I. The results have determined that only the students? scores from their 7th grade advanced mathematics course correlated well with the students? scores from their Algebra I class. The second component is a qualitative study to determine if the parents of the district?s secondary students in have sufficient knowledge of advanced courses and how to enroll their children into advanced classes when warranted or desired. The study determined that parents had insufficient knowledge of advanced courses and the districts strict enrollment policies. This paper ends with recommendations for the district on how to make advanced course more accessible for all students.