Automated gait generation based on traditional animation



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Texas A&M University


This thesis describes the development of a tool to assist animators in doing walk cycles. In traditional animation, animators create expressive walk cycles with key poses. The process of generating walk cycles by hand is tedious and repetitive. To help animators, many researchers in computer graphics have worked on automating gait generation. However, almost all of them used methods that eliminate animator defined key poses. Although they produce realistic results, their methods are not suitable for expressive walk cycles that can be found in cartoons. The tool described in this thesis attempts to incorporate practices of traditional animators such as comparison of key poses and the use of arc into the program interface. With this tool, animators can concentrate only on setting key poses, which is the most creative task in animating expressive walk. The gait generation program can produce highly expressive walks like the double bounce walk and the sneak. With automated features of the developed tool, animators can save time and effort when animating expressive walk along a curved path.