Experimental Evaluation of New Generation Aggregate Image Measurement System



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The performance of hot mix asphalt, Portland cement concrete, unbound base, and subbase layers in a pavement are significantly affected by aggregate shape characteristics. Classification of coarse and fine aggregate shape properties such as shape (form), angularity, and texture, are important in predicting the performance of pavements. Consequently, there is a need to implement a system that can characterize aggregates without the limitations of the current aggregate classification standards. The Aggregate Image Measurement System (AIMS) was developed as a comprehensive and capable means of measuring aggregate shape properties. A new design of AIMS will be introduced with several modifications to improve the operational and physical components. The sensitivity, repeatability, and reproducibility are analyzed to evaluate the quality of AIMS measurements. The sensitivity of AIMS is evaluated and found to be good for several operational and aggregate parameters. Important operational and environmental factors that could affect the AIMS results are identified and appropriate limits are recommended. AIMS is able to control normal variations in the system without affecting the results. A comprehensive analysis is conducted to determine the repeatability and reproducibility of AIMS for multiple users and laboratories. Single-operator and multi-laboratory precision statements are developed for the test method in order to be implemented into test standards.