Electro-optically tunable polarization independent add drop filter with relaxed beam splitter in linbo3



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A polarization-independent electro-optically tunable add/drop filter utilizing non-polarizing novel relaxed beam splitters has been developed in LiNbO3 at the 1.55?m wavelength regime. The operation of this filter is based on passive directional coupler type beam splitters and strain-induced phase-matched TE?TM polarization mode converters on an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer waveguide configuration. Fabrication parameters for channel waveguides, relaxed beam splitters and polarization mode converters were optimized individually then integrated to produce the final device. Single mode channel waveguides for both TE and TM polarizations were realized by the diffusion of 7?m wide Ti strips into LiNbO3 substrate. Relaxed beam splitters were produced using Ti diffused waveguides in a directional coupler configuration with 3.5mm long coupling region, 0.6? bending angle, and separation gap of 11?m and 13?m between waveguides. Tunable TE?TM polarization mode converters with 99.8%