The effects of an acute flurothyl seizure on associative learning and memory.



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Past studies that utilized the flurothyl model of seizure induction have demonstrated impairment of spatial learning and memory in both neonatal and adult rats. However, most studies focused on inducing several seizures and much later examining learning and memory. The impact of a single acute seizure on learning and memory has not been investigated in mice. In the current study, the effects of a single acute flurothyl seizure were examined at different time points in relation to associative learning in adult mice. Results of memory tests carried out 24 h post-seizure revealed that only a pre-training seizure occurring an hour prior to learning affected what was later recalled during a conditioned stimulus presentation. These results suggest that an acute seizure occurring immediately before learning can have an effect on what is later remembered. Possible mechanisms for memory disruption and future directions are discussed.