A multidimensional customer-based brand equity and its application to religious events: The case of Mazu



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This study aimed to verify the perception of customer-based brand equity (CBBE) by measuring event brands within an integrated model and to apply brands based on visitors’ perspectives. The structural equation modeling (SEM) technique was conducted to examine the hypothesized model of which confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) served to analyze the measurement model and a theoretical model was established to examine the model fit. Questionnaires were analyzed (N = 504), results indicated that the pattern obtained a high internal consistency among all model constructs and a powerful explanation of the variance was found. Brand loyalty was based on value, which was indirectly affected, by image and quality. This information may be useful to event organizers and sponsors in branding and operating tourists’ destinations. More importantly, the brand of Taichung Mazu Event can be constructed to be a powerful tourism product that diversifies the product mix in Taichung City.