Synthesis and characterization of functionalized norbornene monomers and their resulting ring-opening metathesis polymers and copolymers



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The work reported herein describes efforts to create ring-opening metathesis block copolymers and homopolymers. The block copolymers were studied to gain insight into the local nanoscale environment of a block copolymer thin film. Additionally, perylene containing homopolymers were characterized in light of their possible use as an n-type material. In the first section of the thesis, the synthesis of diblock copolymers consisting of two blocks with very different dynamics is described. The covalent attachment of a molecular rotor which is sensitive to its local environment allowed the study of the dynamics of the polymers in thin films. The emissive intensity as a function of temperature allowed us to see discontinuity in the rates of change, indicating a change in the local environment corresponding to the transition of the polymer from a glassy to rubbery state. The corresponding temperature, to this event, is known as the glass transition temperature, Tg. Additionally, a polymer featuring a covalently bound n-type molecule, perylene diimide, was synthesized. The photophysical properties, including aggregation in dilute solution, are described. The material is expected to demonstrate the ability to efficiently transport negative charge, acting as n-type material in organic electronics.