Boron-based Additives in Oil and Grease for Wind Turbine Applications



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This research investigates the tribological performance of crystalline and amorphous powders of boron as additives in lubricants: grease and mineral oil for potential applications of wind turbine. This research is focused on the wear resistance and lubricity performance of boron powders.

Experimental approach was used in this research. Several experiments were conducted including API RP 7A1 thread compound test, pin-on-disk tribometer experiment, stribeck curve analysis and surface analysis. It is possible to obtain fundamental principles of boron powder as additives in lubricants from these experiments.

The results indicate that amorphous boron powder is beneficial for lubricants additive, while crystalline boron powder showed that it is not proper as an additive, since there were a lot of traces of abrasive wear. According to the results amorphous boron powder provided anti-wear and better lubricity properties in the lubricants.

The observation and understanding obtained here will be beneficial for the lubrication industry. This research will provide basic principle of boron powder and possibilities of boron powder as additive in lubricants.

This thesis is composed of six chapters. The first chapter is about general ideas of lubrication from problems to emulsion techniques, followed by chapter II, motivation and objectives. Chapter III provides experimental details including boron powder?s properties and basic information will also be discussed in this chapter. Finally obtained results will be discussed in the chapter IV and V followed by chapter VI conclusions and future recommendations.