PrePro2004: a data model with pre and post-processor for HEC-HMS



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Texas A&M University


This thesis presents the design concepts and development of an interface (Pre- Pro2004) utilizing geodatabases for the Hydrologic Modeling System (HMS) of the Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC). HMS is a rainfall-runoff model which supports lumped-parameter as well as distributed-parameter based modeling. PrePro2004 uses the spatial-analysis as well as data handling capabilities of ArcGIS. The spatial data are processed to create input files for HMS. These input files and the output from HMS are stored in two geodatabases which were developed using data model concepts. The tools are provided to reproduce an HMS model from the data inside these geodatabases. The interface is developed based on the DataCentric approach which brings different hydrologic and hydraulic models together. This approach aims to attain a long-term goal of utilizing the same data for different hydrologic or hydraulic models with additional model specific requirements. Two case studies are presented to show the applications of the tools developed. The first case study details the creation of HMS input files for Salado Creek watershed with Digital Elevation Model as input. It includes the importation of an existing HMS model for Salado Creek watershed as Appendix C. The second case study details the creation of HMS input files for the Bull Creek watershed, with land use and soil type data as inputs. It describes the capabilities of tools developed in detail.