Collaborative Governance: Creating Shared Leadership for a Unified User Experience




Bolton, Micheal
German, Elizabeth
Mosbo, Julie
Potvin, Sarah

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Texas Digital Library


"For years, the line between public and technical services has narrowed, blurred, and, in many ways, eroded. From a user-centric point of view, there is no difference between the libraries’ chat service, article access, instruction session, digitized archives, or group study rooms -- it is all the library. While libraries continue to adapt their organizational structures to reflect the new realities, cross-departmental work and cooperation will always be necessary in order to provide positive user experiences. This presentation outlines different governance structures that exist within a single institution. We will reflect on the alignment and conflict that comes from multiple perspectives and purviews. The presentation will also use a case study of the launch of digital exhibit software, Spotlight, to demonstrate the types of barriers that exist and how they can be overcome.


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