The Juniper Coast: A Survey of the Medieval Shipwrecks of Novy Svet, Ukraine



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This thesis provides an accurate, comprehensive physical context for the extent underwater archaeological excavations in the Bay of Novy Svet, located on the southeast coast of the Crimean Peninsula. In addition, it presents vital new historical context and explores new archaeological assemblages discovered while mapping the 100 x 250m^(2) research site. These include minimal hull remains, concretions, ceramics and an assemblage of anchors and ships equipment dating from antiquity to the modern day. Certain of these may indicate an 11th century wreck site, while others provide probable evidence for seafaring on the bay as early as the foundation of Sudak in 212 A.D. or before. These findings reinforce the work they are built on, and provide improved digital tools for future research. Results are assessed alongside historic and archaeological documentation of medieval and modern activity in the region, including invasive and destructive actions around the Bay of Novy Svet. In addition, the historical record has suggested that a 13th century wreck in the bay may be a Pisan ship burned there by the Genoese after a battle in 1277. While no proof of correlation has been found to date, extent datasets do not preclude the possibility, and support it to some extent. Therefore, this thesis also presents a framework for describing and discussing the 13th century Pisa Ship and its potential actions within historical and maritime landscape contexts. Current research and conservation efforts are presented, hopefully serving as a platform for increasing those efforts locally and internationally in the future.