Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Nanocomposites for Energy Applications



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Polymer nanocomposites are used in a variety of applications due to their good mechanical properties. Specifically, better performance of lithium ion batteries and thermal interface material can be obtained by using conductive materials and polymer composites. In the case of lithium ion batteries, electrochemical properties of batteries can be improved by adding conductive additives and conducting polymer into the cathode. Several samples, to which different conductive additives and conducting polymer were added, were prepared and their electrical resistance and discharge capacity measured. In the thermal interface material case, also, thermal properties can be enhanced by polymer nanocomposites. In order to confirm the thermal conductivity enhancement, samples were synthesized using different filler, polymer and methods, and their thermal conductivity measured. The influence of polymer nanocomposites and results are discussed and future plan are presented. In addition, reasons of thermal conductivity changing in each case are discussed.