On the relationship between moment and curvature for an ovine artery



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Texas A&M University


To find a relationship between moment versus curvature in a traction-free ovine artery, a pure moment was applied to a radially cut ovine artery (length 50.23 mm). The curvature of the segment opposite the cut was calculated and used to calculate the pre-stresses using a Fung type model. The pre-stresses were then used to calculate the moment. The moment applied during the experiment was calculated by recording the twist applied and the stiffness of the wire applying the moment. The artery was sutured symmetrically with a custom jig, and then sutured to two blocks, one fixed and one subject to the pure moment. The axial strain was assumed unity. The Fung model yielded a linear moment versus curvature relationship, as well as the moment versus curvature relationship for the experiment. Despite both small and large stretches, the strains felt by the artery were not influential enough to display a non-linear correlation for moment vs curvature.