Interactive virtual architecture as a tool for online branding of e-stores



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Texas Tech University


With the internet spreading to every facet of our living, online shopping is becoming a ubiquitous phenomenon. As a result, the internet has become a new medium for branding, with brands competing to establish their online presence. Visual design of the website is the primary tool to establish this online identity for the brand. Architecture has been used as an element of branding in the traditional stores. This is seen for instance, in the design of fashion boutiques, where the architecture of the space reflects the qualities of the brand. Extrapolating this to the e-stores, we can create Interactive Virtual Architecture, a new visual design medium for Online Branding. The Virtual Architecture component will create a context, stage the product and reflect the brand in the spatial design. This will create a strong Visual Identity leading to brand recognition. The interactivity component will enable a personal interaction with the brand. This will establish its Non Visual Identity and build relationship with the customer. From these points, the thesis claims that Interactive Virtual Architecture is a new tool for Online Branding of e-stores. I will support this thesis claim by my design of an Interactive Virtual Architecture for an e-store, which is found in the accompanying CD.