Deal Organizer : personalized alerts for shoppers



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Deal Organizer is a web-based application that scans multiple websites for online bargains. It allows users to specify their preferences in order for them to receive notifications based on personalized content.

The application obtains deals from other websites through data extraction techniques that include reading RSS feeds and web scraping. In order to better facilitate content personalization, the application tracks the user's activity by recording clicks on both links to deals and rating buttons, e.g., the Facebook like button.

Due to the dynamic nature of the source websites offering these deals and the ever-evolving web technologies available to software developers, the Deal Organizer application was designed to implement an interface-based design using the Spring Framework. This yielded to an extensible, pluggable and flexible system that accommodates maintenance and future work gracefully.

The application's performance was evaluated by executing resource-intensive tests on a constrained environment. Results show the application responded positively.