A teaching sampler : the educational approaches of the Tall Pines Quilt Guild



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This case study used ethnographic data collection tools to focus on the educational models and approaches used by the Tall Pines Quilt Guild (TPQG) in Huntsville, Texas. In this study I strove to explore the transfer of quiltmaking knowledge in a community-based art education organization, a quilt guild, and how those educational methods and models could be adapted to the museum setting. I became a member of the Guild and took on the research role of a participant observer to witness how the TPQG perpetuates the quilting craft for its members. Through observing various Guild events, such as monthly meetings, workshops, and bees I found the members frequently participated in cooperative and collaborative social learning. The rationale for undertaking this study was that there are many publications on how to make quilts, the history of quilt patterns, indexes of quilt patterns, quiltmakers' stories, quilt research, and quilt exhibition catalogues. However, proper documentation of the educational approaches used by women in quilt guilds has not been researched. Quilt guilds provide an environment where adults can learn and expand their knowledge about the quilting craft in the form of lifelong learning. By looking into how the Tall Pines Quilt Guild acts a community-based art education organization, the identified educational models used by quilt guilds could be employed at museums displaying quilt exhibits with potential program models and characteristics to inform the public about quilts, quiltmaking, and quilters.