Tackling difficult dialogues: a director's approach to Rebecca Gilman's "Spinning Into Butter".




Smith, Whitney L.

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Tackling difficult dialogues, playwright Rebecca Gilman bravely explores big questions. Gilman is a worthy candidate for literary and performance study because her work documents the most compelling issues facing our country. In Spinning Into Butter, Gilman studies the dynamics of racism, attacking the issue in an unexpected way. In her play political correctness is a mask for a deeper form of racism--objectification and aestheticization. Spinning Into Butter continues to engage audiences in racially charged discussions that are rare in theatres today. While admitting open dialogues are difficult, Gilman urges the audience to at least participate. An academic approach to play analysis and direction allows for a thorough investigation of the characters, ideas and images in Gilman's play. This thesis provides biographical information on the playwright, a textual analysis of Spinning Into Butter, and a detailed narration of the directorial process, from pre-production work to final product.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 153-155).