Design of Controllers for a Multiple Input Multiple Output System



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A method of controller design for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) system is needed that will not give the high order controllers of modern control theory but will be more systematic than the ?ad hoc? method. The objective of this method of design for multiple input multiple output systems is to find a controller of fixed order with performance specifications taken into consideration. An inner approximation of the stabilizing set is found through the algorithm discussed in Keel and Bhattacharyya?s "Fixed order multivariable controller synthesis: A new algorithm." The set satisfying the performance is then approximated through one of two algorithms; a hybrid of two optimization algorithms or the grid algorithm found in Lampton?s "Reinforcement Learning of a Morphing Airfoil-Policy and Discrete Learning Analysis." The method is then applied to five models of four aircraft; Commander 700, X-29, X-38, and F-5A using controllers of first and second orders.