High pressure study of gamma iron oxide up to 52 GPa by x-ray diffraction



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Texas Tech University


The high pressure behavior of ã- Fe2O3 has been investigated up to 52 GPa using X-ray diffraction techniques and a diamond anvil cell. We are reporting phase transformation of bulk and nanocrystalline ã- Fe2O3 samples. The behavior of bulk sample has been carried out to 31.9 GPa and nano sample has been examined to 51.8 GPa. The phase transformation pressure of nanocrystalline sample is about 20.8 GPa. The bulk modulus of bulk sample is KOT = 172.5 ± 5.6 GPa, and its pressure derivative, K’OT = 20.6 ± 1.0 and in case of nano sample, KOT =135.21 ± 6.38 GPa, and its pressure derivative is K’OT = 28.01 ± 1.91.