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In my years as a composer, I’ve had a great fascination with the concept of juxtaposition and superimposition of various moods and styles of music. Although I’d written many pieces before thesis, I had yet to examine the results of this polarization in music. Thus, the purpose of this present composition was to explore contrasting musical elements while combining them in a coherent, competent manner. To begin, I chose two differing instrumentations of which to amalgamate: strings and percussion. música dramática exploits the different timbres and colors of the instruments and presents them by a uniform method. Musical elements of the piece such as style, mood, harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, register, and dynamics all work together in order to conform to a single composition no matter how jarring the differences may be. Altogether, the various elements of this single movement work for string orchestra and percussion were fused to create a well-balanced, well-proportioned piece of music. The results were spectacular: regardless of the extreme differences in the many factors of music, one coherent composition was formed. In música dramática, this single idea is brought to fruition.