The quasi-bound states in the driven Morse system

dc.contributor.advisorReichl, L. E.
dc.creatorJarukanont, Daungruthaien
dc.description.abstractIn this thesis, We study the driven Morse system in a strong time-periodic field. We are interested in the quasi-bound states, which live in the driven system with limit life-times, with an increasing field strength in a low frequency region. We found those states by using Floquet theory, and the exterior complex scaling method (ECCS), which widely use in the resonance system. Choosing the Morse potential with supports 3 bound states, we found that as we increase the time-periodic external field, the number of the quasi-bound states decrease to 2. The distributions of the quasi-bound states which represented by the Husimi distribution were also studied, and compared with the Poincaré surface of section plots of the system.en
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dc.subjectMorse systemen
dc.subjectQuasi-bound statesen
dc.subjectFloquet theoryen
dc.subjectExterior complex scaling methoden
dc.titleThe quasi-bound states in the driven Morse systemen