An exploratory study of how integrated marketing communications is reflected on Fortune 500 home pages



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Texas Tech University


The development of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) strategies, the fast growing usage rate on the Internet and Home Page, and the expanding global and ethnic markets are three important trends of current marketing communications which, joined together, may have elicited a new Internet marketing communications strategy. Noting very limited evidence, this study measures if IMC and multi-cultural core elements are present in Internet Home Pages.

Using content analysis and a simple question e-mailed to home page companies, this thesis investigates a sample of Fortune 500 Home Pages found in March, 1997. The results indicate that Fortune 500 Home Pages: (1) featured an average interactive/dynamic function, but are more likely to interact with their customers through e-mail; (2) featured a few customized and search services; (3) did not possess a distinctive/consistent personality or image; (4) favored Marketing Public Relations tactics; (5) contained much information about products and services; (6) demonstrated an active interaction with Internet users; and (7) rarely provided globalized information or services. It is proposed that a more elaborated Internet marketing communications strategy should be established.