The Perceived Impact that Tutors Have on Urban Secondary Students Attending a Community-Based After-School Program in the State of Texas



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For urban secondary students, the benefits of attending after-school programs may not be solely academic?rather, their attendance and participation may yield more fundamental development needs. A supportive network of influential and positive mentors can improve urban secondary students learning experience outside of the classroom. Urban secondary students may have access to support and assistance from mentors by attending an after-school program.

This qualitative ethnographic study explored the perceptions of tutors working in an after-school program in a large urban school district. This study attempted to understand of the tutors? motivation for working with students, the support that they provided to the students, and the needs they thought the students have. The data was collected through individual interviews and observations of the tutors during the program. Data was analyzed for common themes to support the research questions.

From the interview questions, a total of twelve themes were generated to answer the three research questions. According to the participants interviewed in this study, the interactions with the tutors in the program served as catalysts that promoted student academic success and social development. While the themes originating from the questioned varied, the underlying conclusion of the interview data from this research study is that students take more of an interest in themselves and their academic ability when someone else takes a genuine interest in them and their academic ability.