Particle staining: physically based texture generation

dc.contributorHouse, Donald
dc.creatorMistrot, Jean Michael
dc.description.abstractComputers are being employed in a variety of ways by a variety of individuals to create imagery. Much work has been done to accurately model natural phenomena in the context of computer graphics as well as model specific artists' tools and techniques. Focusing on the dynamics of water flow across surfaces, it is the goal of this work to develop a physically inspired texturing tool that allows artists to create interesting staining and wearing effects on surfaces. Weathering or the wearing down of materials by natural forces can create complex and beautiful patterns on a variety of surfaces. In this process lies the very essence of the creative act. To distill the essence of the elements of the water staining process, we employ a computer generated particle system in a phenomenological model. The motion of these particles is controlled by physically based constraints, such as wind, gravity, mass, etc. The way in which each particle interacts with or modifies the look of the surface is further controlled by parameters such as surface roughness, surface color and surface hardness. Each particle can remove or deposit material as it flows across the surface, creating complex patterns.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectphysically based modeling
dc.subjectrecombinant media
dc.subjectartist tool
dc.titleParticle staining: physically based texture generation