Evaluation of rumble strips at rural stop-controlled intersections in Texas

dc.contributorBurris, Mark W.
dc.creatorThompson, Tyrell D.
dc.description.abstractMajor safety concerns are present at rural high speed intersections. When long uninterrupted tangents are located near rural intersections, the drivers can become inattentive to upcoming decision points. Traffic control devices could aid in mitigating these occurrences by warning drivers of upcoming decision points. One such device is transverse rumble strips, which act to provide motorists with an audible and tactile warning that their vehicle is approaching a decision point of critical importance to safety. The objective of this research was to determine if the presence of transverse rumble strips were an effective warning device for drivers approaching rural stop-controlled intersections. To evaluate the effectiveness of transverse rumble strips, vehicle speeds were measured at three locations along the approach to an intersection both before and after the installation of rumble strips. Vehicle speeds were measured at nine rural stop-controlled intersection sites in Texas. Overall, the installation of rumble strips generally produced small, but statistically significant (p ? 0.05), reductions in traffic speeds. There were some negative driver behavioral impacts (i.e., speed increases) that occurred after the installation of rumble strips. There were a few instances where speed change reductions of greater than 1 mph occurred, however, the overall trend was that speed change reductions were equal to or less than 1 mph. Although the rumble strips did not produce meaningful reductions in traffic speeds, they should still be considered based upon previous accident reductions and minimal installation costs.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectTransverse rumble strips
dc.subjectin-lane rumble strips
dc.subjectrural intersections
dc.subjectspeed change
dc.subjectspeed reduction
dc.subjectwarning device
dc.subjectstop-controlled intersections
dc.subjecttraffic control
dc.titleEvaluation of rumble strips at rural stop-controlled intersections in Texas