Value-enhanced high oil corn for fedlot cattle

dc.creatorBramble, Tyler Cole and Poultry Sciencesen_US
dc.description.abstractTwo experiments were conducted to investigate the effects of steam-flaking and feeding high-oil Corn (HO) to finishing feedlot steers. In experiment 1, 16 crossbred teers were fed a diet containing either typical corn (T) or HO steam-flaked to either 0.31 kg/L (24) or 0.36 kg/L 28) for 127 d to determine effects on feedlot performance a carcass characteristics. Diets were balanced by including HO into the diet at 75% of DM whereas T as included at 72% of diet DM with 2.8% added fat. Overall average daily gain (ADG) and dry matter (DM) intake were unaffected (P > 0.10) by flake density or by corn variety. However, feed-to-gain (FG) was superior (P < 0.05) for HO-24 as compared to T-24 and HO-28. Carcass characteristics were unaffected (P > 0.10) by treatments. Results indicate that HO can replace T plus added fat in feedlot diets, and more extensive processing (lower flake density) of HO will enhance its feeding value.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.titleValue-enhanced high oil corn for fedlot cattle