The effect of field-based elementary methods courses on the attitudes of teacher education students



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Texas Tech University


The goals of any institution are important. The aims of teacher education are necessarily a function of the objectives of elementary and secondary education. What about the goals of our schools concerning attitudes? A child enters school already possessing a set of attitudes. Khan and Weiss (25:7 61) claim "it therefore becomes one of the major tasks of the school to change undesirable attitudes, to strengthen existing ones, and to work toward the development of new attitudes by providing appropriate learning experiences." Combs and Snygg (8:382) add that "how subject matter is taught may be even more important than what is taught." Burton (4:281) adds that the teacher should have a set of attitudes. Harvey (134) sees the role of educational institutions increasing in importance as other institutions in the American society experience rapid change and some move toward demise. Therefore, schools are being asked to do more in the development of attitudes in our society.