Geological Modeling of Dahomey and Liberian Basins

dc.contributorIkelle, Luc T.
dc.creatorGbadamosi, Hakeem B.
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this thesis is to study two Basins of the Gulf of Guinea (GoG), namely the Dahomey and the Liberian Basins. These Basins are located in the northern part of the GoG, where oil and gas exploration has significantly increased in the last 10 years or so. We proposed geological descriptions of these two Basins. The key characteristics of the two models are the presence of channels and pinch-outs for depths of between 1 km and 2 km (these values are rescaled for our numerical purposes to 600- m and 700-m depths) and normal faults below 3 km (for our numerical purposes we use 1 km instead of 3 km). We showed that these models are consistent with the plate tectonics of the region, and the types of rocks and ages of rocks in these areas. Furthermore, we numerically generated seismic data for these two models and depth-migrated them. We then interpreted the migrated images under the assumption that the geologies are unknown. The conclusions of our interpretations are that we can see clearly the fault systems in both models. However, our results suggest that seismic interpretations of the channels and pinch-outs associated with the geology of the Dahomey and Liberian Basins will generally be difficult to identify. In these particular cases, we missed a number of channels and pinch-outs in our interpretations. The limited resolution of seismic images is the key reason for this misinterpretation.
dc.subjectGulf of Guinea
dc.subjectPlate tectonics
dc.subjectGeological models
dc.subjectPre-Stack Depth Migration (PSDM)
dc.subjectZero-offset gathers
dc.titleGeological Modeling of Dahomey and Liberian Basins