Management of Digital Preservations in Gandhi Smriti Library of LBSNAA, India [paper]




Verma, Om Prakesh

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Based on rapid improvements in digital mode with the extensive educational contents, the purpose and focus of this paper is to show off the digital collection for the use of Officer Trainees from Indian Civil Services and Civil Servants at different levels in India and in other democratic countries. An attempt has been made to present a case study of developing the digital preservations in the library of LBS National Academy of Administration, India. It will give a brief introduction of the issues which had been considered while setting up a digital project with C-DAC for changing the environment from physical to Digital. The project in Gyanlok section in Gandhi Smriti Library was a voluminously pains-taking and herculean task, which had to be completed with precision, accuracy and commitment to preserve the heritage and historical books in digital mode for the readers in perspective.

In this paper, the author describes the work done within Gandhi Smriti Library, LBSNAA. Digital Preservation Group had created a list and description of the functional components of an ideal digital preservation environment for its library. The evolution of Digital environment is evidenced by developments in education & research, and growth of the literature & resources. Information Scientists' skills in surfing, collecting, organizing, evaluating information can contribute to develop a Model of Digital Preservations for the Academicians, Students, Trainees, Researchers, and Civil Servants.


Paper accompanying a presentation for the 2017 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries (TCDL).