Evaluation of Steam Turbines Triangular Tooth on Stator Labyrinth Seal



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Labyrinth seals are often utilized in locations where contact seals cannot be utilized due to the large displacements of the rotating shaft. The performance evaluation of a labyrinth seal is very important to make sure that optimum performance of turbomachinery is attained. Performance parameters such as carryover coefficient, discharge coefficient were evaluated for a see through triangular tooth on stator labyrinth seal. This computational study investigates how flow conditions and seal parameter variations for see through tooth on stator triangular cavity labyrinth seals affect the value of the carryover coefficient and discharge coefficient. A Finite volume CFD commercial code was used to accomplish the above study. The influence of Reynolds number, rotational speed, seal radial clearance, pitch, tooth angle, tooth width are considered using the finite volume method of computational fluid dynamics. It was found that Reynolds number, high shaft speed and clearance have a significant effect on the carryover coefficient and the discharge coefficient. Clearance is the major influential parameter to be considered among all seal geometric parameters to optimize an ideal seal.