Catalysis and materials development in organic chemistry



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The field of organic chemistry is divided into many subfields, which include polymer design and synthesis, transition metal catalysis and organocatalysis among a variety of others. Challenges in polymer design and synthesis can be highlighted pointedly in the use of photoresists for lithographic processing. Recent challenges in development of shorter wavelength sources has led to the need to develop new photoresist materials that can be exposed twice without any development steps in between. Two methods for addressing double exposure materials will be presented. Additionally, the areas of catalysis, whether transition metal or organic in nature, are important methods in organic synthesis. The mechanism of the addition of Gilman reagents to enones has been the subject of debate, and efforts to elucidate this mechanism will be presented. Finally, organocatalysis has expanded its scope into a variety of reactions previously only conducted with transition metal catalysts. Work towards an enantioselective allylic amination reaction using organocatalysis as well as absolute stereochemistry of the product will be explored.