A web-based approach to image-based lighting using high dynamic range images and QuickTime object virtual reality



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Texas A&M University


This thesis presents a web-based approach to lighting three-dimensional geometry in a virtual scene. The use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images for the lighting model makes it possible to convey a greater sense of photorealism than can be provided with a conventional computer generated three-point lighting setup. The use of QuickTime ? Object Virtual Reality to display the three-dimensional geometry offers a sophisticated user experience and a convenient method for viewing virtual objects over the web. With this work, I generate original High Dynamic Range images for the purpose of image-based lighting and use the QuickTime ? Object Virtual Reality framework to creatively alter the paradigm of object VR for use in object lighting. The result is two scenarios: one that allows for the virtual manipulation of an object within a lit scene, and another with the virtual manipulation of light around a static object. Future work might include the animation of High Dynamic Range image-based lighting, with emphasis on such features as depth of field and glare generation.