Experimental testing of a steel gravity frame with a composite floor under interior column loss



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Progressive collapse research aims to characterize and quantify the behavior of different structural systems in events of extreme local damage caused by bombings to improve the performance of targeted structures and to protect occupants. The focus of the research program described herein is the performance of steel gravity frame structures with composite floor systems in column loss scenarios. The goal of the project is to contribute to the development of rational design guidelines for progressive collapse resistance and to assess any potential weaknesses in current design standards. This thesis presents the results of a series of tests performed on a steel frame structure with simple framing connections and a composite floor slab under interior column loss. The specimen was designed and constructed in accordance with typical design practices and was subjected to increasing uniform floor loads after static removal of the central column. No significant structural damage was observed up to a load equivalent to the ultimate gravity design load. Further testing was performed after the deliberate reduction of the capacity of the steel framing connections, ultimately resulting in total collapse of the specimen.