From a Mexico City Book Dealer’s Estate to UTSA: Increasing Accessibility to the SRT Mexican Manuscript Collection




Franklin, Alyssa

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Texas Digital Library


I will discuss the complexities of the Sons of the Republic of Texas Kathryn Stoner O’Conner Mexican Manuscript Collection by addressing how UTSA has wrapped up a long-running, large-scale digitization project with legacy metadata and materials that are on permanent loan. The name of the collection provides some clues into the strange and complicated issues with this group of Colonial Mexican documents. The donors acquired funding to fully digitize the collection, but this project was more than just a stand-and-scan endeavor. Our goal has been to improve accessibility to the collection. Since we know through Google Analytics that the majority of users hail from Latin America, we consider this demographic while also considering how to refine the metadata with instruction in mind by coming up with student-friendly terms. Find out how we are making the best of an inherited situation.


Presented by University of Texas at San Antonio, 6B | Cultural Heritage 24x7, at TCDL 2019