Agricultural science students' perceptions and knowledge of hearing loss



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This study is designed to examine participants? view of hearing loss as a critical health issue, the attitudes of people toward a person with a hearing impairment, the knowledge level of OSHA regulations pertaining to hearing loss, the general knowledge level of hearing loss and hearing impairment, and its causes, and participants attitudes towards wearing hearing protection. The study design is descriptive and correlational with data collected using a written questionnaire with a controlled population. Results were computed using the means and standard deviation for each factor. The findings indicate that additional education and awareness is essential if changes are to occur in the areas of general knowledge of hearing impairment, the acceptance of hearing protective devices in the work place or school, and better interaction and communication with those who exhibit a hearing impairment. One area of specific improvement must be in how agricultural instructors are trained in the field of safety so that students involved in agricultural sciences are better prepared to protect his/her hearing while performing activities found in the agricultural business.