Development of an Instructional Module on the Basics of Web Design for Scientists Interested in Creating a Web Page

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The purpose of this thesis is to document and explain the development of an instructional module on the basics of web design for scientists interested in developing a web page. This instructional module was created as an aid for scientific researchers who are interested in either creating a web page or having a web page created on their behalf, but who have limited Internet experience and are unfamiliar with the basic terminology and design processes involved in developing a web page. The module was posted online by the author for evaluation by selected scientists and researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. It contains information on initial web page design (purpose, audience, organization and navigation), graphic design issues (color, typography, consistency and redundancy), the technical aspects of web design (computer specifications, "internetiquette", print production versus web production, editing and submission), and a glossary of important terms. The thesis focuses on the development of a web site for Dr. Chandra Mohan's Lupus Research Laboratory at UT Southwestern, the creation of an interactive web design guide using Mohan Lab's web site as an example, and the creation of a printable pdf "Shortcuts Guide" to accompany the module.