Aerial spraying for juniper control in central West Texas




Newman, Kristen Leigh

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Juniper (Juniperus sp.) invasion lowers forage and animal production. The objectives of the study are (1) to compare of four different Picloram (Trooper 22K) and Edict 2SC mixtures through aerial spraying during the spring, (2) to compare of understory vegetation before aerial spraying and after aerial spraying, and (3) evaluate cost effectiveness of the aerial spraying method. The herbicides were applied at either 946 ml. recommended or 1890 ml. double of Picloram along with 59 ml. or 88 ml. of Edict. Canopy cover of all woody species and forage production were similar among treatments (P>0.05). Mortality rates of juniper varied from 63 to 95% on treated plots with no mortality of juniper noted on the control plots. Aerial spraying increased mortality of juniper when compared to the control plots. Inclusion of higher rates of Edict did not affect mortality rates.