Development of an Informational Video Using 3D Animation to Teach the Fundamentals of the Cellular Process of Apoptosis



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The goal of this thesis was to create an animated video, with narration, that explains the fundamentals of the process of apoptosis. The objectives were to produce a narrated 3D animation of apoptosis presented in an accurate efficient way, and format it for distribution on CD or DVD. Topics discussed in the video include: the difference between necrosis and apoptosis, the physical changes occurring in the cell during apoptosis, triggers of apoptosis and the effect apoptosis has on disease processes. The creation process began by determining subject, scope and audience. After these initial decisions were made a script was written and storyboards were produced. Narration was then recorded and combined with stills of the storyboards and preliminary animation to create an animatic. All animation was created in 3D Studio Max. Editing was accomplished using Adobe Premiere. The final product was then copied to CD and to DVD. This document discusses the process of creating this video from formation of the idea to DVD creation. Results of an informal test of the video are also iscussed as well as ideas for further research.