Coherent Control of Laser Field and Spectroscopy in Dense Atomic Vapor



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Coherent effects are studied in a dense atomic vapor driven by laser fields. With optical properties dramatically modified by these effects, the medium can be used to manipulate some of the properties of laser field. Our experiments demonstrate the coherent control over transmission, spatial distribution and noise feature of the laser field interacting with coherent media. The results have potential applications in the field such as precision metrology, precision spectroscopy, optical imaging and lithography. We develop an experiment to investigate the atomic excitation by few-cycle radio frequency (RF) pulses interacting with Zeeman sublevels. The system provides the flexibility to fully control all parameters of RF pulses. Such a flexibility can not be achieved in optical domain. Based on this system, experiments can be conducted to simulate processes in ultra-short laser physics. In particular, we study the carrier-envelope effect of few-cycle pulses and the strong off-resonant excitation by short pulses. We also discuss the selective reflection spectrum on a highly dense atomic vapor in which the dipole-dipole interaction can not be neglected. The spectrum broadening due to dipole-dipole interaction is much broader than the Doppler broadening. Our experiments show that the excitation by a pump laser can reduce the dipole-dipole interaction, thus reduce the broadening and improve the spectral resolution. The excitation dependence is studied at various atomic densities.