Session 3C | Visible and Invisible Labor: Building a Sustainable OER Program




Creelman, Kerry
Santiago, Ariana

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Texas Digital Library


This presentation will share how librarians at the University of Houston advocated for resources to implement and grow an OER program led by the UH Libraries. The presenters will discuss staffing and labor implications for OER initiatives to set up a program for long-term success, sustainability, and growth. After launching the OER program in 2018, UH was well-positioned to support OER adoption. However, as we gained experience providing OER services, it became clear that we lacked capacity for continued growth. Advocating for additional resources required continual evaluation of program capacity, institutional priorities, goals, and resources needed. We now have additional human resources and more sustainable sources of funding, enabling further growth and impact of OER on student success. Through individual reflection and sharing activities, we hope to engage participants in expanding understandings of the labor required to lead OER programs, and help attendees identify opportunities and strategies to advance the impact and sustainability of their OER efforts. Participants will be encouraged to consider local contexts as they evaluate transferable advocacy strategies.