SUSY phenomenology

dc.contributorArnowitt, Richard
dc.creatorHu, Bo
dc.description.abstractSupersymmetric extensions to the Standard Model (SM) have many interesting experimental consequences which can provide important hints to the physics beyond the SM. In this thesis, we first study the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and show that a significant constraint on the parameter space can be obtained from its current experimental value. In the next topic, we study the CP violations in B -> phi K decays and show that the SM and the minimal supergravity model (mSUGRA) cannot account for the current experimental observation. We then show that all the data can be accommodated for a wide range of parameters in models with non-universal soft breaking left-right A terms. In our last topic, which is based on a Horava-Witten inspired model proposed by R. Arnowitt and B. Dutta, we extend their analysis to the full fermion sector of the SM and propose a new mechanism different from the usual see saw mechanism to generate small neutrino masses which are in good agreement with the current neutrino oscillation data.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectStandard Model
dc.subjectparticle phenomenology
dc.titleSUSY phenomenology