Optical effects in photonic crystals and metamaterials



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In this thesis, I will describe the polarization properties of two separate but similar optical systems. I will begin by showing anisotropy in a dielectric photonic crystal slab patterned with a periodic circular hole array. This anisotropy can be utilized in manipulating the gain properties of surface emitting photonic crystal lasers. I will then describe a metallic, planar metamaterial patterned similarly with a 2d periodic array of holes. The enhanced optical transmission of this system is demonstrated computationally and experimentally, with a good agreement between the two. I will also demonstrate polarization rotation in this array. The effect is shown to minimize the background contribution to the transmission resulting in the narrowing of the line width and improvement between on and off resonance contrast. I then provide a theory behind the polarization rotation in transmission through a metamaterial based upon a Jones matrix formulation, which is dependent only upon the existence of separate s and p resonances in a photonic system.