Search for supersymmetry using rare B to mumu decays at CDF run II



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Texas A&M University


A search for rare B0 s -> ?+?- and B0d -> ?+?- decays has been performed in pp collisions at sqroot(s) = 1.96 TeV using 364 pb-1 of data collected by the CDF II experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider. The rate of each decay is sensitive to contributions from physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). No events pass the optimized selection requirements, consistent with the SM expectation. The resulting upper limits on the branching ratios are B(B0s -> ?+?-) < 1.5 x 10-7 and B(B0d -> ?+?-) < 3.8 x 10-8 at the 90% confidence level. The limits are used to exclude some parameter space for several supersymmetric models.