A Path to Open and Accountable Digital Preservation Collaboration




Mumma, Courtney

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Texas Digital Library


In addition to hosting NDSA Innovation Award-winning Digital Preservation Services, TDL is part of an informal affinity group called the Digital Preservation Services Collaborative (DPSC). We are a group of digital preservation organizations united in our commitment to preserve the cultural, intellectual, scientific and academic record for current and future generations. We came together because digital preservation is a cultural-heritage-wide challenge that is best accomplished together. We may be best known for having published the Declaration of Shared Values in late 2018, a document which provides standards to which our community can hold us accountable. The values that inform and direct our collective work are collaboration, affordability and sustainability, inclusiveness, technological diversity, portability/interoperability, openness and transparency, accountability, stewardship continuity, advocacy, and empowerment.

Digital preservation requirements differ broadly across units and between institutions, and decisions are too often made for the short-term based predominantly on real or imposed resource scarcity. This understanding, alongside recent developments in the digital preservation ecosystem, inspired the DPSC to revise and expand the Values statement. We are witness to the growing ubiquity of commercial Digital Preservation vendors in community and professional spaces, which has precipitated the increased uptake of their technologies and investment from institutions. Digital preservation-focused professional associations, including TDL, witness the United States suffering from a dearth of digital preservation leadership and guidance. This presentation will discuss these values and efforts to curb trends that do not align with them.


TCDL 2023 Session 2M, Wednesday, 5/17/2023, 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm | Moderated by Adrian Shapiro, Texas Woman's University | Presentation | Technology & Software Development