Federal employment concentration and regional process in nonmetropolitan America.




Johnson, Jodien M.

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Nonmetropolitan America has undergone significant changes over the past quarter of a century. From the population turnaround in the 1970s, to population decline in the 1980s, to population rebound in the 1990s, nonmetro counties have seen fluctuations in population and economic growth. Historically, nonmetropolitan America has been dependent on single sustenance activities such as farming, mining, and manufacturing which increases the instability of these counties. Less diversified than metropolitan areas, nonmetro areas have more strongly felt the effects of deindustrialization and globalization. While population change and economic growth and decline related to farming, mining, manufacturing, and increased service sector employment has been addressed both in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas, less research has addressed the role of government in regional processes in nonmetropolitan communities. This study intends to contribute to the study of regional processes in nonmetropolitan America by looking at the effects of public sustenance structures (such as federal employment concentration) on measures of economic growth and development in nonmetro counties between 1990 and 2000.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 81-85)