Evaluation of Acute and Chronic Lesions in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention



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Metallic implants called stents are an important part of the treatment of coronary heart disease. While clinical trials are excellent indicators of outcomes, microscopic evaluation of the host tissue response to the implant is required to assess their safety and efficacy. However, the evaluation of human autopsy tissue containing metal implants presents unique challenges in order to obtain the best results. We used integrated microscopy techniques incorporating microCT and novel plastic histology techniques to demonstrate its effectiveness on human stented vessels obtained at autopsy.

A total of seven cases are demonstrated where our analysis techniques were able to elucidate the pathogenesis of the host response and identify the specific cause of the complications with the stented vessel seen clinically. These techniques are more cost effective and efficient than other techniques currently in use, which could enable them to be used as part of routine autopsy evaluation. The expansion of the pool of stented vessels able to be analyzed to include the often overlooked large population of autopsy cases could provide an enormous amount of data to guide future clinical trials and improve patient care.