From TALL Texans to Leadership Launchpad: TLA’s Leadership Program Development

He, Yizhu
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Texas Digital Library

Established in 1902, Texas Library Association (TLA) is the largest state library association in the United States with 6,500+ members who work in academic, public, school, and special libraries. TLA offers a wide range of services including advocacy, continuing education and professional development, research, and PR. The organization currently offers two leadership programs: TALL Texans and Executive Leadership Immersion (ELI). TALL Texans are designed for mid-career librarians with at least five (5) years of experience, while ELI targets librarians and leaders who aim to excel in high-level leadership and administrative positions. In 2017, TLA piloted a new leadership program called Leadership Launchpad that was designed for emerging library leaders with an emphasis on discovering leadership styles, learning critical persuasive and communication and designing a career plan. The next phase is to fine tune the program to further meet the needs of the library community as well as be scalable and sustainable from an operations standpoint. In spring 2019, a graduate student from the UT School of Information will be working with TLA staff to conduct a SWOT and environmental scan of early and later education programs currently available in the marketplace, and survey library community for TLA’s leadership programs’ logistics and content. This poster will present the SWOT analysis and survey results, and provide suggestions to develop and market TLA’s leadership programs at three levels: Leadership Launchpad, TALL Texans, and Executive Leadership Immersion.

Presented by the University of Texas at Austin, School of Information, Poster Minute Madness, at TCDL 2019.