Testing & Design Life Modeling Of Polyurea Liners For Potable Water Pipes




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Civil & Environmental Engineering


Currently, there are various renewal methods available for different applications, among which coatings and linings are most commonly used for the renewal of water pipes. Polyurea is a lining material applied to the interior surface of the deteriorated host pipe using spray technique. It is applied to enhance the structural ability of the pipeline. This thesis presents the preliminary results of an ongoing laboratory testing program designed to investigate the renewal of potable water pipes using polyurea spray lining. This research focuses on predicting the long-term behavior of polyurea composite. The goal of this test was to establish a relationship between stress, strain and time. The results obtained from these tests were used in predicting the life and strength of the polyurea material. In addition to this, based on the 1,000 hours experimental data, curve fitting and Findley Power Law models were employed to predict long-term behavior of the material Findley's power law accurately predicted the non-linear time-dependent creep deformation of this material with acceptable accuracy. Experimental results indicated that this material offers a good balance of strength and stiffness and can be utilized in structural enhancement applications in potable water pipes.