Analysis of incipient fault signatures in inductive loads energized by a common voltage bus

dc.contributorParlos, Alexander G.
dc.creatorBade, Rajesh Kumar
dc.description.abstractRecent research has demonstrated the use of electrical signature analysis (ESA), that is, the use of induction motor currents and voltages, for early detection of motor faults in the form of embedded algorithms. In the event of multiple motors energized by a common voltage bus, the cost of installing and maintaining fault monitoring and detection devices on each motor may be avoided, by using bus level aggregate electrical measurements to assess the health of the entire population of motors. In this research an approach for detecting commonly encountered induction motor mechanical faults from bus level aggregate electrical measurements is investigated. A mechanical fault indicator is computed processing the raw electrical measurements through a series of signal processing algorithms. Inference of an incipient fault is made by the percentage relative change of the fault indicator from the ??healthy?? baseline, thus defining a Fault Indicator Change (FIC). To investigate the posed research problem, healthy and faulty motors with broken rotor bar faults are simulated using a detailed transient motor model. The FIC based on aggregate electrical measurements is studied through simulations of different motor banks containing the same faulty motor. The degradation in the FIC when using aggregate measurements, as compared to using individual motor measurements, is investigated. For a given motor bank configuration, the variation in FIC with increasing number of faulty motors is also studied. In addition to simulation studies experimental results from a two-motor setup are analyzed. The FIC and degradation in the FIC in the case of load eccentricity fault, and a combination of shaft looseness and bearing damage is studied through staged fault experiments in the laboratory setup. In this research, the viability of using bus level aggregate electrical measurements for detecting incipient faults in motors energized by a common voltage bus is demonstrated. The proposed approach is limited in that as the power rating fraction of faulty motors to healthy motors in a given configuration decreases, it becomes far more difficult to detect the presence of incipient faults at very early stages.
dc.publisherTexas A&M University
dc.subjectFault Detection
dc.subjectInduction Motors
dc.subjectInduction Machines
dc.subjectParallel Motors
dc.titleAnalysis of incipient fault signatures in inductive loads energized by a common voltage bus